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It is worth examining the different option s for  potential employer s as well as the modern option s  available to  companie s that are having difficulty maximizing their effectivenes s . The standard options facing a potential employer are whether they should be included in the mainland where (mostly, with some exceptions) The expatriate owner owns 49 per cent of the work, or in the free zones where the expatriate owner retains full ownership.

There are a number of free zones, each of which meets a certain number of permitted activities, and for the most part each free zone has its own organization, Founded there Dubai International Financial Center and ADGM the most sophisticated and organized among all the free zones, and they have their own set of laws that are not governed by the laws of the United Arab Emirates. However, it is important to note that other free zones have their own rules that have become accurate with the development of regulations. Among these regulations (whether free zone and / or mainland) is the existence of an actual office (with the exception of some free zones where a flexible office option is provided) . And also the issuance of a commercial license that clearly defines the activity that the company can do.

Guidelines The founding documents of the company (whether individual ownership or private or public joint stock company) pave the way for not only packing business activity but the obligations that the owners are subject to.

From these constituent documents, the following contracts flow – from recruitment to trademark to normal employment contracts – while the nuances in each may vary by jurisdiction, but the overall guidelines remain the same. It is wise to note that in order to promote the culture of entrepreneurship, the formation of the company is relatively trouble-free, as firms are formed much faster than most other jurisdictions in the world. For these reasons, foreign investment is on the rise, The new federal bankruptcy law, which came into force last December, had some relief for companies (under certain circumstances) facing financial difficulty, which would not force them to flee the country. . It gives both debtors some legal rest to debt restructuring and allows business owners to navigate their financial difficulties without necessarily having to face criminal proceedings. This law provides great flexibility for the business to deal with market cycle fluctuations and promotes an orderly collapse environment if needed till then. Although this law is new, it has already begun to have a positive impact on the SME sector, allowing for a more structured arrangement to restructure some commitments, a trend that will continue to gather momentum only. It is important that disputes remember that retention of the document must Be kept in mind when closing a company, or when disputes occur. In the United Arab Emirates, the Commercial Transactions Act (Federal Law No. 18 of 1993) provides for the maintenance of commercial records and provides for retention for at least five years from the date of receipt or issue. Of the market, the need to protect obligations, as well as the optimal jurisdiction of the type of work to be done, it is worth it for business owners who aspire to seek and retain a legal adviser while they are moving into an entity, The final, regardless of the flexibility of the organizational structure, ignorance of the law can be considered an excuse to cancel responsibility.

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